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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Goodbye to the Snow Fairy

Hi folks,

Well what a week we have had, loads of snow and freezing cold temperatures. Today we had a lul and a very big thaw so that means the end on the snow for now at least.

Today I would like to take you on a trip to the North Downs not too far from where I live. As it is high up the snow is taking a little longer to thaw giving wonderful landscapes.

This first one is on the road between Lordswood, Chatham and heading towards Boxley Hill, high up and flat.

The fields still have stubble from last year so it seems like the farmers are a bit behind due to the weather or the field is set aside.

There is a great expanse of fields on the downs and the road is sometimes impassable in winter.

Near the bottom of Boxley Hill going towards Maidstone is this Nature Reserve with a path running beside the North Downs called Pilgrims Way which is the original path taken by the Pilgrims on their way to Canterbury.

Coming off the road and only on a single track that originally lead to London.

The snow was starting to melt quite fast as I walked along.

This small track came off the path and lead down into the village of Burham.

A single Sycamore seed laying in the snow waiting to arrive on the ground and possibly take root.

I continued along enjoying the walk as the snow melted around me.

This  birds nest waiting for the snow to melt.

Ivy on a post in the sunlight, it was a lovely day to be out walking.

Back on the main road I headed through Boxley Village to where would you believe the Channel Tunnel Rail link is. Where is it I hear you ask?, well it's under the snow below ground in a Tunnel.

If you look you can just make out below the way the road rises to accommodate the tunnel thus keeping the pretty Village of Boxley as it was with no sign of the trains. To the right is the entrance to the tunnel  just behind the fence.

Last but not least a red telephone box in the village which is very beautiful, one day I will take you there.

That's the end of the trip, thanks for looking.

Tune it tomorrow for a surprise on the way home.

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. When the summer is here Mike, I shall look back at this post and I shall cool right down....some great winter scenes !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Hi Chris, you ok? being up at 4 am. xx

  3. I went to Maidstone on the bus yesturday, and it was lovely seeing the snow on the hills, and the sun was shining. you look like you had a good walk.

  4. This is a most stunning post. I love all the pictures and really cannot pick out a favourite.
    Well done Mike ... Very beautiful stuff here xxxxx
    E xxxx