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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Mote Park and the Kites

Hi folks,
continuing on with the New Years Day theme the Swans and the Signets down on the lake are now nearly fully grown and the same size as their parents and should soon turn white ready for the spring.

Always looking about, I spied these railings glistening in the sun but the camera did not give the effect that my eye gave.

The sky was so bright blue, ideal for kites but the wind was zero so I carried on taking pictures.

This leaf caught my eye lying on the ground and would soon decay. 

The park was now starting to liven up as people poured in trying to get some well earned fresh air after the festivities, walking their dogs.

At 11-45am members of my club, the Kent Kite Flyers started to arrive and put on a mini display for the public, at this point the wind started to pick up.

Steve's Rokkaku was the first into the air and it was soon followed by.............

Stephens wonderful Flow-tail which is the kite that most of us fly.

Archie put up his Revolution, a fully controllable four line kite the type that I also fly.

Members of the Club, left to right, Stephen, Chloe and Gareth the club President. If you look behind you can see that the car park was now full

Gareth's Conyne a multi coloured kite takes to the air.

Lens, homemade Rokkaku kite stole the show.

Finally Stephen's magical Dragon made an appearance before I had to leave to get ready and help Sue with the last preparations for a party for some friends in the evening. As I left more members arrived to fly but I had to depart. I had a great time in the park and it set me up for the year ahead.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XXX


  1. You should have taken Keith, you wouldn't have had any trouble getting wind. great photos.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Great Photos.


  3. Lovely kites Mike.....I think the dragon is my favourite !
    This is the turn of phrase that my son-in-law uses for me !
    smashing post....
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Sooo good to see blue skies and the sun!
    Great shots Mike.. I love all the kites .. my fave is also the dragon!
    E xx

  5. Looks like I could sell George a number of times then! LOL
    He is not for sale!!!