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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dunorlan Park Part 2

Hi again folks,
continuing on our visit to the park.

The weather started to improve and we continued around the lake as this bright Mallard was having a good scratch.

This posy was left tied to a seat in remenberance of someone dear who had passed away.

On our way around Sue noticed a Robin diving in and out of the bushes onto the path to get food left for the ducks. so I thought I would rattle off a few shots as he was eating and I caught this one with him looking directly at the camera.

Further on was a bush of Rhododendrons in bloom and this amazed us in mid January but in the secluded part of the grounds this is an annual occurrence according to a local walker.

I re-positioned myself and got this, amazing tor mid January I thought.

Off we went for a well earned cup of tea, happy with what we had captured today. As we left the sun came out giving a completely different look to the park.

A tree on the way in that we didn't even look at came to life.

At the top of the park is a Terrace overlooking the lake which gave a striking view.

Well that's it from the park. I hope you enjoyed the visit.

nite nite Luv Mike XX


  1. Thanks Mike...
    Again another great view of something I take for granted.......
    Gerty...Not so anonymous!!!!

    1. Ah, that's who it is, hello. Sorry I keep missing you at events.

  2. Wonderful photos, I have two Robins in the garden, I loved the rhododendrons

    I'm surprised they are blooms so early. The park looks great must visit one day when the weather improves.Thanks for cheering up my morning.

  3. One of the most beautiful 'Robin' pics that I have ever seen !!!
    and the rhododendrons are somewhat of a miracle at this time of year !!!
    Cheers Mike....another fabulous post !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Wow I love the Robin and that Mallard

    As you said about the Robin's eyes you don't see both

  5. Super post Mike. What fabulous colours! The Mallard, Robin and the flowers! Can't spell Rhododendrons ! lol
    E xx