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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Fountain of Youth, Florida

Hi folks,

this is a very special year for St Augustine as it commemorates 500 years since the Spanish founded Florida and no doubt there will be special attractions laid on in and around the town. My friend James will probably keep me updated on the times and events.

Statue to mark the landing,

The man himself.

Plaque explaining the History of Ponce De  Leon.

New observation platform going out onto the marshes and the river. Note the dates for the landing.

At the edge of the platform looking over to that cross.

This happens twice a day as the reenactment group fire a replica canon. Not sure that health and safety in the UK would approve but the British are long gone.

Canons near the entrance to the park.

Near the entrance the park is very well laid out with lots of historical areas.

Lastly at the " Fountain of Youth" there is a hole in the ground with this special water coming out of the ground, tasted a bit sulfurous like to me. The scene on the landing was very good, I don't know if the natives greeted them like this though.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I enjoyed this post Mike.. I noted the dates!
    I'm not sure about the Fountain of youth water tho .. I have a cold ... any Night Nurse there!
    E xx

  2. Great post Mike....could do with a dip in the fountain of youth myself, this morning !
    Have a good Sunday......
    Chris and Dave R