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Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Sky Full Of Colour

Hi folks,
what a wonderful day it was today and we had a fabulous time flying kites at Radnor Park , Folkestone in glorious sunshine.  We that is Steve, Mike, Len and myself, members of the Kent Kite Flyers.

The long day started with loading Winnie, our camper van for our trip to the coast, the forecast said little wind and cloudy, oh how they got that wrong. So let's get going first up was my Delta after being newly repaired after a broken spar.

All the rest apart from the last were Rokkaku or variations of the kite design.

Mikes first kite up.

My kite made originally to raise money for the local hospice, the design has now changed and is a different clown but still conveys the same message. This kite has also been repaired and today re-bridled by club member Len who did a fantastic job and the kite stayed in the air for nearly three hours, well done and thanks.

Club member other Mike, studying the sky and his kite.

Variation of the theme and a different design.

Steve's Rok which says Hope. 

Steve with full on concentration.

Another of Mikes contributions.

Lens classic, he has had this one for ages.

Mikes variation again.

Lens Bart, which always brings a smile,

County Emblem of Kent.

Lastly an Edo a square framed kite took to the sky.

We really enjoyed today, is was a great show and thanks to those club members for turning out on such a glorious spring like day.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards Mike.


  1. You were so lucky with the weather today Mike ! Great shots and blue skies.......
    WOW !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. My first kite is a Rokkaku that bears the image of Gengo Otaka who is one of the famous forty-six loyal retainers of Lord Naganari Asano (it's ok I hadn't heard of him either). The one in two parts is a Split Malay. The one with the fish is a Bonnaire Pocket Rocket Built by Premier Kites in the USA to a design by Ron Gibian. The elongated one with the fancy graphics is an Astral Glide, another Ron Gibian design. The Kent Invicta Rokkaku is home made lovingly stitched by my wife Barbara. Hope this helps.

    1. Thanks for that Mike, I must admit I was getting a bit tired and forgot what you said. Well done, must take out a pad and pencil next time.

  3. Wow, wow,here on this post ... LOVE your Kite posts so colourful .... More please.
    BTW we run a card competition at the Allhallows crop each month and the money raised goes to Demelza House too!

    1. Thanks Eileen, I used to fly kite at Demelza with the children many years ago, it was a great experience. I should get more involved again, I might now there kite is back in the air I do the lottery for then though so I am still helping a bit.

  4. Hi Mike great photos again, Hope was made by me and based on a mug I have, the original art work by Georgio Armani. The Edo was designed an built by by Karl Longbottom

    1. Thanks for the update Stephen, it was nice to meet up with you again.