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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring is Just Around the Corner

Hi folks,

Actually got out today as I went to Sittingbourne with Sue who while she was working I was trying to play and went to the Gunpowder Factory in Ore near Faversham. The Park was well laid out and it would be great in the spring and the sunshine but with yet another grey English day on the cards I just had to take it in my stride.
The Gunpowder making side of the day was scuppered by it only being opened at weekends and the main exhibit, the grinding wheels were locked away and only visible through a mess door.

Still I was there so buck yourself up Michael and go for a walk around the lake and see what I could find.
 First off were the Swans

The green you can see is weed as they swam along and it got on their white feathers.

Trying to get a shot of birds on the wing was a bit tricky in this light but hey ho, I had to try.

I then turned to static objects, this bud was just starting to show the first signs of spring

Nature always throws something at you when you least expect it, this bit of twig had Lichen on it and with the droplets from the early morning dew (11.30 am). Note the end of the car key for scale

Lastly  a couple of Tufted Ducks across the lake.

Well it's the first day of SPRING today so things can only get better, I hope.
Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike.


  1. Well Mike ,the forecast 'AINT LOOKIN GOOOOD' ! But we can live in hope.....
    love the swans !
    Our son comes home on Friday, fetching him from Southampton! We're promised a tour of the ship (Ventura) and then having a 'Welcome home' party.....So if I miss a post Mike dont worry, I'll be back !
    Chris and Dave R

    1. No problem Chris, if spring don't soon come it will be Autumn.

      Have a good time with the family. XXX

  2. You did well with that shot of that Gull (least I think it is a Gull) on the wing, Mike

    They were Tufted Ducks (seen in large scale). They must have been what you were talking about on the phone.
    Well done in the bad light.

    A cold morning and very damp afternoon is forecast for Thursday, boo hoo

    1. Yes Trev it was a Gull, I was practicing birds in flight.

      Yes my little book told me it was a Tufted duck and a female.

      Being me I like the twig and the key, bit of a let down today really.

  3. Great shot of the Black Headed Gull Landing Mike