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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wakehurst and the Laboratories.

Hi folks,

continuing on our trip as promised we entered the facility that inspects, grades, examines and stores the seeds for future generations and for redistribution in the event of a catastrophe.
In the building there are working laboratories sorting and grading, you can see the labs behind the glass windows at the side. In front are exhibits for the general public to look at.

Seed collecting jars with information about their origin on the lids.

Down below and the vaults which house the seeds in a frozen condition.

This is the main vault housing the countries seed species.

One of the displays on the main public viewing area.

Another adorned with Cacti.

Back outside we continued along the path towards Wakehurst Place admiring more of Toms work. This is a conker seed.

And a Sycamore flying seed.

Close up of the weaving work.

Wakehurst Place in National Trust grounds.

The grounds have many species of plants and trees and staff examine and study their growth.

Lastly spring is about to be sprung, the first Rhododendron bud.

In the next part, the gardens with a splash of colour.

Thanks tor looking.

Best regards Mike.


  1. Thank you Mike, a fascinating tour......
    I seen the most beautiful Lemon yellow butterfly yesterday in the garden !
    So spring definitely has sprung !!
    Chris and Dave R

  2. You can keep that place Mike, it reminds me too much of working in the Microbiology department at North Middlesex Hospital. It give me the shudder just thinking about. You wonder just what you are coming out with.

    Have a good day

    1. I really , really don't understand your comment and you attitude towards such a place. I suggest if you cant leave a reasonable reply perhaps it would be better not to comment at all.
      This place has nothing to do with Hospitals, we are talking about SEEDS a completely different ball game.
      You should READ the post properly before you jump in.
      God Trevor, get a life,.

  3. Without places like this we would have lost so many beautiful plants .. great post Mike... How you managed to 'fight off all the crowds' I'll never know.... never seen a place so packed!!! lol
    E xx

  4. I'm back, Glad we have places like Wakehurst, to keep our natural world alive.
    look forward to next blog.