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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Folkestone Travel Exhibition

Hi folks,
Spring is nearly upon us so today a crowd of us went to Folkestone to see what deals were to be had at the Travel Exhibition down there and came away with a few ideas for the summer.
First off was the War and Peace Revival which this year is in Folkestone Race Course and should be a spectacular event, The camera will be going so look out for some pictures of this in the summer.

Inside were various organizations  and a display of dancing by re-enactors who will be at the show in the summer. Don't know how Hodges got in there "put that light out".

Having a tea break in the dancing interval.

Tonbridge Castle hosts were there in full costume, telling people about events laid on.

Finally a look out of a window to show what we were missing outside, not a lot.

There, well worth a visit and lots of ideas for the summer, let's hope it is a good one weather wise.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards Mike.


  1. So glad you decides to come to Dover and Folkstone
    Thanks for taking me to the Battle of Britain Memorial, it was a great ending to a lovely day..

  2. Thanks for this Mike ... I want to get out and about more and see this sort of thing... We need some bright sunny days!
    E xxx

  3. There you go again Mike.........lots of variety,
    info and glamour, plus great pics.....
    Don't know what I would do without my M.G. FIX
    each day ! Cheers,
    Chris and Dave R

  4. That was a great day out and gave you something different. I see that "Dad Army" got in on the act with Corporal Jones.

    A great picture of the tank.

    Just wondering where the Medieval Ladies fitted in or was that something to do with Tonbridge Castle?

  5. Thanks all for your comments.
    Trev, the two ladies were advertising Tonbridge Castle as it was a Travel Show.