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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Wakehurst the Gardens.

Hi folks,

This is the completion of our visit to Wakehurst  although it is National Trust it is tied in with Kew Gardens. We continued along and met up with the guide and tagged along on a very interesting and informative tour of the gardens. This trip was very early in the year and I would think that in a month it would be an explosion of colour. we will most definitely go back.

First off one of the permanent sculptures.

Looking back up  with our guide at the top.

Crocuses on the right just about to bloom, (we were about three days early according to the guide).

This doesn't look much but it is a Dwarf Daimio.... Oak

Mistletoe growing on a tree and is a parasitic plant.

This chap came up to see us with the aid of a small piece if biscuit.

Narcissus starting to pop up.

Going back to the entrance Cyclamen where everywhere.

Closer shot.

and a Primrose to finish off,

That's it. I hope you enjoyed the visit,

Thanks for looking.

Best regards Mike


  1. Thanks Mike .. yes, I enjoyed the colour and the promise of more!
    That sculpture is fab!
    Looking forward to your return visit
    Eileen xxx

  2. That lens works well on those close-ups but I see what you mean on the Daffs.

    That is a big bug, I would not want to come across him in the dark

  3. Mike, what can I say............
    every picture is a beauty.....informative, colourful
    and interesting !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  4. I meant to say about the Mistletoe, the tree look like one of those that you see in Africa on the plains. It looks like it has a birds nest in it (the Africa one I mean)