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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The other side of the Coin

Hi folks,
this time the War and Peace Revival from a different angle. I got talking to Hubertus, a German re-enactor whilst I was going about with the camera, he told me his father was in the Bregarde and he wanted to show it. This is Hubertus throwing imitation snow into the air at the end of setting up the display. You may well remember him a few blogs ago planting the tree.

He likes to be called "Lucky" and I am in contact via e-mail with him.

Another view of the display, still scattering snow about.

His friend also got into the act, it was surreal considering the heat of the day.

This Fraulein was on the way back to her tent to do some sewing.

This was on her table and one of the men was about to take the red cotton away but I asked him to leave it as I thought it was rather poignant.

Outside the tents.

This is Paul, he is a  British re-enactor and he collects Leica cameras and had a darkroom in the rear of his tent to develop his negatives although he did it at night due to the bright sunshine.  We spent a long time talking cameras as you can imagine.

Hope you enjoyed the trip to the other side and thanks again for looking.

Best regards, Mike.


  1. Yup, quite a blog Mike, well done

  2. Clever pictures here Mike.. love the shot of the gentleman in the last one.
    Interesting post and I was a bit taken aback by the snow! as you say ... surreal!
    Eileen xxx

  3. Its like travelling back in time Mike.....
    You must be able to feel the atmosphere and soak it
    all up !! So different .....
    Chris and Dave R