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Thursday, 27 October 2016

UP NORTH on tour with Sue and Winnie #7 Beamish

Hi folks,
after leaving Lincoln we headed north to Durham and arrived to a very friendly reception from the Northern Counties Group of the Motor Caravaners Club.

Through the famous Beamish steam hammer and down the hill to the reception centre

Parking up this was the view from the site area, as you can see we only had a short walk to the living museum, the club had sorted out a reduction in cost as we are club members and also we had another reduction for being seniors so it was very good value as we stayed for three nights.

Our area was at the back of the car park and a bit shady but we intended to be out most of the time and go to the pub by the steam hammer in the evenings and role back down the hill to the van at closing time.

Winnie now parked up for three days of fun.

We got our passes and off we went down the hill to the entrance, paid our money and straight away got on a tram.

From the top deck you had an idea of how bid the place was and the amount of time it would take to get around all the areas.

Another tram going in the opposite direction.

Arriving at the pit village out first stop. More next time and the delights of the living museum, all the best Mike


  1. Charming place! Looks like you were in for a treat with the weather too .. LOVE those Trams! Nice touch to spend some time in the Pub! Looking forward to reading about the living Museum... back tomorrow. E xx

  2. Thanks Eileen, this blog would have been so lonely without your input. I seem to have got Ken Austen on board now and I am involved with Google + as well.XXX