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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Little one tonight

Hi folks,
We all had a wonderful time out today. When Daisy fist came to stay overnight  2 years ago our first trip was to Watman park which is on the north side of Maidstone.
Wow, was it hot when the sun came out but at least we had Daisy's new hat to protect her from the sun. She enjoyed the morning on the swings, slides and climbing frame. we took a picnic as well.

My how she changed in the last 2 years

We had a great day until the heavens opened when we retreated to the Bull Pub at Penderden Heath for a drink.

Must go now as lots to do before "Little legs" gets up.

nite nite Mike


  1. Thanks Trev,great morning but finished in the Pub when it rained. Not a bad thing I suppose.

  2. Super picture Mike ... she is soooo pretty :) x