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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Atlanta, Georgia

Hi folks,

back to Atlanta Georgia and a trip to.....................

This was a wonderful space that was erected in 1996 to host the Games although the Olympic flame was in a Stadium not far away.

There was an array of water features in the park although the weather was a bit overcast.

This feature had a cascading waterfall at the rear.

One of the many sculptures in the park, any one following the blog would have seen the fountains at night.

View across the park showing three of the eight towers around the rings of water in the centre. Notice the Union Jack.

This is a statue of Barron Pierre de Coubertin. 1863-1935, founder of the Modern Olympic Movement

A call for a drink lead us into the CNN building which was massive in it's construction with loads of places to sit and watch the world literally go by on the very large screen.

One of the strange animations outside a shop.

Will carry on with Atlanta later.

Hope you enjoyed the quick visit, more to follow.

bye, bye, Luv Mike,. XXX


  1. great photos, loved the water sculptures and inside CNN.

  2. Oooo that was a fascinating post Mike ... what a super place.Everywhere looks so clean and litter free! great pictures Ta ! xxxxx

    1. Yep you would get locked up if you misbehaved over there.

  3. Another wonderful place that you visited Mike........
    Holidays are over too quickly, dont you think !!!
    Great pics,
    Chris richards

    1. Thanks you three for your loyal support.