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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Scrub Up

Hi folks,
well we are home and very tired after a long flight home. BUT I could not resist a little tiny little blog.

We actually clocked up 4,200 miles in that Ford Taurus, Missed Sandy and were lucky with the flight home under the circumstances.

Just a couple of images that you would not see over here. This looks like a English hand car wash at first glance until you look closely.

The red white and blue might give it away until you notice the funnels.

Well what do you think?, I have never seen anything like it, it's a CAR WASH of all things, situated just outside St. Augustine, Florida by the road.

Loads more like this but I am ready for an early night.

Thanks for looking.

nite, nite, Luv Mike. xx


  1. love the car wash, It looks like a riverboat. glad you were able to put the blog together, after such a long journey.

    1. Hi Margaret, sorry I fell asleep when you where here. In bed at 10pm and up at 7am much better now.

  2. So Glad you are both home safe and sound.......Now you need to get over the jet lag !!! Bless you both, you must be worn out.....Have a good rest and we'll
    look forward to your next post !!!
    Thats a carwash ???
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Hi Chris, re Jetlag, I find that if you stay up till you get to the right time to sleep, in my case 10pm it seems to help, had a good nights sleep now lets see what today brings. xxx

  3. Good pictures Mike, get some sleep

  4. Really don't understand where the comment I left yesterday has gone??????? I said that I will miss 'being on the road trip' with you both... that I have loved every morning as I sipped my coffee and read about your latest adventures...and how great this car wash is!!! Thanks, Mike and Sue for sharing your holiday and taking the time each day, to blog... When you goin again?
    Eileen xx

    1. Today it was Lower Halstow, not quite the same but nearer and didn't need passport as it wasn't as far as Sittingbourne.