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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Train Spotting

Hi folks,

just to continue on our journey in Chattanooga, we went to a railway siding to find the Choo Choo and this is what we found.

Lots of trains in a siding complete with a ticket office.

These old girls where wonderful even though they were outside they remained in pristine condition.

This was a working railway with a shop run by enthusiasts and amazingly a line at the rear which was actually used for Main Line trains.

We walked through the ticket office and onto the platform, after a minute or so we were greeted with this with a very loud horn.  Notice the two linked engines pulling the wagons, my this must be long.

As the train carried on past the station Sue started to count the rolling stock to see how many wagons there were.

Approximately five minutes later she counted 84 wagons with not a Guards Van in sight.  Wow

We then checked the timetable and a few minutes later our train arrived and we looked at each other in disappointment and it was an old diesel and not a steam loco. The steam loco is only used at weekends.

Still the carriages where nice and we loved the guard with his beard as he helped the few passengers off the train.

I then wandered up to the front to have a chat to the driver, a smashing bloke who was retired train driver and loved his part time job as you can see by the smile on his face.

Back in the town we found this hotel, the sign speaks for itself.

Hope you enjoyed the trip, you have now had trains, boats and planes.

nite, nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. pardon me Mike was that the Chatanooga choo choo! come on all sing along........

  2. This blog will bring them all out of the woodwork. Da dit dah dah dah did did dah dah.........

  3. I need more 'Training'....cant remember the words, it must have been before my time !!!!!! Great blog again Mike....You're sooooo good at this !!!!
    Wont you 'CHOO CHOO' me home,
    nite nite
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Oh gawd.... I was 'steaming' along with this post... enjoying the ride until I was 'de-railed' at the comments section.... ! Where do you find your followers Mike???
    Love it xxxxx
    E xx

  5. Loved seeing the old trains, Had a laugh at the comments very witty, but my favourite is the Casey Jones look alike train driver.

  6. Well they did run off the rails

  7. Track 29 Hey would you give me a shine