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Monday, 5 November 2012

Macon's Surprise on the Top of the Hill

Hi folks,
I hope you don't mind me showing a few more of the holiday as we went to some very nice places that I did not get a chance to show whilst we where there due to the time factor.
This is Macon a very sleepy town in Georgia by a river. The town did not have a lot going for it apart from this.......

A Catholic Church standing proud at the top of the town on a hill. It is a shame the power cables are not underground but this is what you have to put up with in the States, anyway I took a picture of the sign outside is explain it's history.

Across the road were a few wooden cladded buildings with front gardens which is unusual.

We then entered the Church and wow we were dumbfounded by it's beauty and elegance. There were confessions going on at the time and I felt a bit uneasy but I was assured by one of the congregation that it was alright to photograph.

Sorry the stain glass windows were blown out but they were very high with the sun on them, I would have liked to return the following morning but we had to move on to the next location. To each side of the main alter are two more.

The roof had an eight sided dome on it with a stained glass window in each section.

At the rear was a magnificent stained glass window above the Organ.

Lastly was the front which had the sun setting just behind it making the facade dark but with a little bit of post processing and using my wide angle lens I hope I managed to show the wonderful brickwork and design.

Thanks for looking.

nite, nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. What a magnificent place... beautiful, beautiful church. Your pictures ain't bad either! lol

  2. Holly says that the church pictures are great and to get over the blown windows, you could try bracketing, if your camera has that facility. OTL did that down at Rochester Cathedral! Even without that, the pictures are still super!

    1. Thanks Holly, I felt a bit uncomfortable as the church was in use at the time and didn't think to bracket as time was against me. Thanks for the info will try harder next time. X woof!

  3. He hee, that first shot looks like the Munster's should live there.

    Nice inside shots Mike

  4. Oh Mike such fabulous photography !!!
    I love this shows the sheer beauty of the place and
    you can feel the atmosphere....A huge pat on the back Mike .......pat,pat,pat !
    More, more please !
    Chris and Dave R
    p.s.Max is a bit uncomfortable, but fine now ! xxxxx

  5. Sorry I couldn't help you with that name, I asked Hilary, and she didn't know we both thought it was Lady's capel. however, these photos are stunning, just love church stained windows.