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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Rye, Sussex in the Sunshine.

Hi folks,
Guess what an English blog tonight as we went out in the wonderful sunshine with our friend Adrianne and had a smashing day at the seaside.  We ended up not in the town centre but at one of my favorite parts, the Harbour.

This old hulk was looking a bit sad but I thought it would make an interesting scene perched on the mud, abandoned.

This Egret reminded us of the States as they were so tame over there.

This is the marsh with water flowing out into the sea, the wetlands are on both sides of the footpath leading out to the sea.

I think this boat had been on its first outing as the varnish looked brand new. (Adrianne's favourite)

Fishing boat on it's way out to sea to get our supper.

On the other side of the footpath was the wetland as the sun started to set.

As the tide had turned all the water was rushing back into the river.

Well that was a fantastic day, so its good bye from us all.

nite, nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. Oh, super shots Mike !
    Love the sunsets and the last 'shadow' one is awesome....You certainly have a good eye !!!
    nite, nite
    Chris and Dave R

  2. I love the reflection of the Egret Mike

  3. Oooo a sunset wowser!!! I enjoyed this post Mike. Been to Rye loads of times ... super place.
    great pictures love 'em all
    E xxx