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Friday, 23 November 2012


Hi folks,

Looks like we might get a good weekend, here's hoping, anyway we will continue on our trip across the US.
Just a quick note to our American friends, you see that this place England is called a " green and pleasant land" the trouble is to keep it green we get loads of rain which sometimes lasts a week or so, anyway I digress, back to our wonderful trip.

I love America for its diversity, things are always changing and we never  tired of the different scenes you come across.

From one extreme to another.

We arrived at the Great Mississippi and tried to follow it down the road to Vicksburg.  

Even up near  Memphis the river was huge.

The banks were adorned with private buildings with there own landing stages for their boats.

From the landing stage you can just see the silver Taurus on the bank. 

We are starting to go south now and about halfway through the trip. I planned to go down the Mississippi next to the river by road but the roads came away from the river so we joined the main road to Vicksburg and then on our way to New Orleans.

Thanks for dropping bye.

nite, nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. This blog is very peaceful, just watching the river flowing.

  2. I want chicken Cajun chicken.... Hee he

    I like the trees growing in the river

    1. Not sure how you can "drive through" it???

  3. Lovely post.. the 'mighty river' looks gentle!

  4. Lovely scenic shots Mike.......very peaceful !
    Chris and Dave R