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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Better Late than Never

Hi folks,
a very busy day today sorting out the holiday bits and pieces and also looking at the many thousands of images that did not get on the blog for various reasons.
As the rain has poured down all day and I spent a lot of it watching Formula one, here is a few Pumpkins to brighten your day even though it's over.

The Americans go in for Halloween in a big way, even as we arrived on the 3rd of October Pumpkins were everywhere.

Loads of these Dolls made out of straw adorned the area.

This is to the entrance of Tifton an Agricultural and Farming Museum. I wonder what happens to them after, I know you can make soup and cakes but surely there are too many to just eat them.

Anyway work tomorrow so off to bed I go to dream about the USA.

Thanks for looking.

nite, nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. The Pumpkins have brightened my day already... perhaps they pulp them for animal feed? The F1 racing was just fan dabbi dozy! What a great race.. Shame about lewis tho :( Don't work too hard!
    Eileen xx

  2. In the USA they think more of Halloween as it is their custom and not ours.

    Like the doll Mike

  3. A lovely pumpkin post Mike !!
    My dog Max, has swallowed a sewing needle, so have spent the morning
    at the vets....x-ray and 'OP' needed !!!
    Keep you posted....Thank you for brightening my 'cloudy' day Mike !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Poor Max, we hope that he is alright and that you have better news tomorrow.
    Luv Mike and Sue XXX