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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Looking into Atlanta

Hi folks,

Well what a lovely Saturday we have had here in the UK, rain and more rain. What do I do you ask, well I thought I would process a few more from our holiday so continuing on in Atlanta with the sun coming out, here's part 2.

Olympic Park with Westin Tower in the background (the round one) which we went up the following day and took the night shots.

Back in the park, the five Olympic rings I mentioned yesterday with the children having a wonderful

This was the Coca Cola museum also in the park.

It's one of the buildings we did not visit due to the time allowed and all the rest of the places we wanted to go to.

I have seen some sights but this one took the biscuit or fries in this case. (note the facebook name)

View of the Bank of America

The architecture in the city was fantastic with the use of light and glass.
The next three are my slant on reflected glass and the effect it has on the eye, look very closely at the next three images.

Half of the next day was taken up on this Aquarium which as blog followers will have seen is a spectical in it's own.

Well I hope you liked the trip around Atlanta.

Thanks for looking.
nite, nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. spectaular buildings. wonderful architecture, lovely to see there is sunshine, and autumn colours.

  2. Hi Mike, how strange and distorted the reflections are....sent
    me crosseyed ! Great pics !!
    Has Sue got her package yet ? I posted it on Thursday !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Cor ... loved this little lot Mike.... Was that Fry Guy's Van NEW???? so spotless! The reflections in the buildings... well ... just spectacular!
    Eileen xx

  4. No wonder Michele is over 20stone

    That's how they look after them Eileen

    Nice blog Mike