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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Star of the Show, James D Fiske

Hi Folks,
sorry for missing the last two days only duty called and I have to earn some sheckles for our summer vacation so nose to the grindstone this week.

We are now back in Florida at nearly the end of our vacation and had the opportunity to meet up with our "Book of many faces" James who I have been in contact for over a year on Facebook and we were invited to Fort Menendez to have one of his famous talks about the days when the Spanish were in Florida.

I thought the Fort was very impressive with it's canons firing across the street. The Fort is also used for educational purposes to teach the children the history of Florida and the United States.

We arrive at a preset time and waited for him to appear and low and behold the doors flew open and there he was in his wonderful costume.

Next we had to sign in. He looked very much at home behind his desk.

We were then taken out into the yard and Sue was put if the stocks for a photograph.

This was followed be a demonstration on candle making by James with Pat looking on. Mind you don't splash that costume.

Then a game of shells and guess who won.

James in his glory sitting on the throne looking very Majestic.

Lastly a group shot of he holiday group, left to right, me, Sue, Vickie and Pat, James took the photograph. BTW, Pat and Vickie and now engaged to be married and are going to live in Daytona Florida.

Thanks James for a wonderful time, we all have never laughed so much.

Afterwards we went for lunch with James before we returned to the hotel.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Great fun Mike....James looks a bit of a character! Lovely post...good to have a laugh !
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Yes Chris he was and he knows his stuff re history. XX

  2. James looks very regal in his chair. great character, glad you have happy memories of your visit.

  3. He looks like Henry the 8th that guy

    Nice going Mike

  4. Oh, Mike...what wonderfully happy memories! We must 'hook-up' with James on Facebook so we can stay in touch! With much excitement, we received the news that the plumbing is in, with the city inspection due for tomorrow, and the slab to be poured next week! Our home is quickly becoming a reality! We listed our home, in IL, with a realtor today, so our heads are kinda spinning in every direction!
    We do hope you and Sue will visit the "Sunshine State" again real soon. We would LOVE to be a point of interest for you to visit or stay a while. Our projected move-in date is April 01, which is also my birthday,,,,watch your tongue!!! Pat is a bit worried about how he will ever top my birthday gift this year..... hmmmm.... a trip to England perhaps?
    Good wishes to you and Sue!

    1. Thanks Vickie, you must come to the UK and see us but don't expect your amount of sunshine over here.
      This year we are touring the UK so wont be over the pond unfortunately, James is on my facebook so you should be able to pick him up from there. All the best with the house, sounds fantastic.
      All the best for the future, Mike and Sue. XX

  5. What a super post Mike.. love the 'Sue in the stocks' shot ... her face! James (my dad was a James, bless him ) looks fantastic and everyone is having a good time... one thing (TIC)
    We Brits don't have vacations .... we have holidays! lol
    E xxx

  6. I should be shot, hung by my toes, have all of my hair on my head yanked out (oh, wait, that last one I've already done), for not responding earlier! This was a great outing indeed! All parties have continued to stay in touch since that special day and have become quite good friends! Many thanks to all for the kind words! God Bless!