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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Chatsworth Revisited

Hi folks,

yesterday I was told off very wisely by Margaret for taking pictures without my stick which I agree was foolish on my part so you will have to make do with archive images until I can support myself properly.

May last year we visited Chatsworth a Stately Home in Derbyshire 

In the grounds, this waterfall which runs from the River Derwent and ends in the fountain above

Great stairs.

Painted Hall with wonderful ceilings creating 3D illusion's in the wall paintwork.

Dining Room, laid out for a State Banquet.

Close up of table layout, Cranberry Glassware.

Lastly the Sculpture gallery with it's wonderful collection.

Hope you enjoyed the visit, able to take shots throughout the house which I did. As a photographer I was able to freely take shots of the interior with ease. Tripods and flash where not allowed  which I completely agree with.

Can't wait to be well again and a return visit is on the cards.

Now on the mend, hiccups subsided so feel normal again, two weeks till I am able to bend my knee and possibly get in a car as a passenger.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Hi ya mike ... as you know we are on hols... I'll catch up with all your posts when I get home .... This post is spectacular! ... love Chatsworth ... we have such a rich history in this country that we really don't appreciate! ... good to have folks like you that keep us 'in the picture'! lol

    Sooooo pleased you are on the mend ... the hic-cups must have driven you mad!!
    love and hugs
    Eileen xx (Having a great time in Norfolk)

    1. Hiccups stopped now just the leg to concentrate on. XXX

  2. These are superb pictures Mike. Hope you are recovering well. Don't rush it!!

    1. Thanks Granny and Charles for all your help, Advice taken.

  3. I love the 'Grandeur ' of this post Mike........Even when you are incapacitated,
    You still manage to capture our attention.......Well done that Man !
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Hi Mr Mechanic, Glad you took note of what I wrote, fabulous photos, loved the waterfall, and the table setting with the cranberry wine glasses. better previous blogs , than you falling and hurting yourself again trying to take new photos for the blog, sure you have loads of old photos you can use, until you are back on both feet. Mrs Egg.

  5. Mike,
    The places you "take" me leave me leave me breathless! The UK is absolutely magnificent and beautiful. I am really thinking of discussing a trip there with Pat. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Vickie, you are more than welcome, we can show you London and the Kent countryside.
      London is 45 minutes by train from where we live, send me a your email address and we can talk about it.