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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dockside Car Show

Hi folks,
sorry for the break I have been in hospital after a fall last Thursday which really I would like to forget. Still life goes on and hear are a few I captured on the day.

BMW with wonderful paint job.

Side view of air intake.

Brings back memories of my early days in the motor trade. These Austin 1100's I used to work on most days in my youth.

One for Stan of a Ford Cosworth with a mirror in the bonnet.

Immaculate engine.

Reflection via the bonnet.

Old Austin in prime condition.

Finally just love the air conditioning in the window.

Thanks for looking, maybe a few more tomorrow before I go into hospital again.

Best regards, Mike


  1. A really great blog Mike

    The colour of the Beamer has come out nice

  2. Oooooo... what fabulous pictures ! ...Great post Mike, so glad you are back!!!
    E xxx

    1. Thanks both.Not for long, poss tomorrow for the operation.

      Luv Mike

  3. Hi Mr Mechanic. great photos,shame about the knee,have got the bag and shoe horn ready for tomorrow, will your capable assistance post the blogs while you are detained in hospital. Mrs Egg.

  4. Yes my assistant is all primed with her keyboard and ready to post the blogs, have no fear.

  5. Great blog post Mike.....They dont make em like they used to !
    Hop it goes well tomorrow Mike,
    will be thinking of you,
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Cheers Chris, hope to be back soon..Luv Mike XXX