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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Mary Rose the conclusion

Hi folks,

a few more artifacts with missing parts added with frosted acrylic.

Part of a Pepper Mill Grinder.

This is unique, a Crows Nest which was a spare stored away in case of emergency.

Emblem of Tudor Rose on the Cannon.

Another angle of the drying process showing more detail of the ship. The pipes will eventually be removed once the ship is dry and stable.

Coins found on board.

Even a musical instrument.

An assortment of knives and daggers.

Finally the outside of the building which is designed to keep her safe for many years to come.

I hope you enjoyed the brief visit and I would recommend you go if you can to view the ship in all it's glory.  Thanks for visiting the blog.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Well done Sue, thanks for posting this whilst I am incapacitated. X

  2. Thast an amazing building I haven't seen that.

  3. Yo Mr Goodes!
    The Missus has told us your in hospital with a wonky knee. I think you had a dose of 'Falling Over' that OTL gets from time to time.

    We reckon the cure is for you to add more water with it or increase the shortbread allowance!

    Get better soon!

    D&H S&B

  4. Thanks girls and Mr Brambles, hope they will let me out after a scan today. XX

  5. Super post Mike ! So sorry to hear of your 'Mishap'......
    Hope all goes well for you today....
    Chris and Dave R

  6. Thanks for posting this Sue. Get better soon Mike.
    I find this posting as fascinating as the last one.. super artefacts.
    They were so skilled ..look at that Rose on the cannon.
    Thanks Mike ( and Sue!)
    E xxx