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Friday, 27 September 2013

On the Mend.

Hi folks,

well the hiccups are now getting better and it's nearly half way till I will be able to move my knee so slowly getting their. A long time till I get fully better so hang on for some more adventures soon.

In the meantime a couple taken in April this year as we head into Autumn.

As the trees shed there leaves it wont be long before the buds start to form again.

Will try to post some images from near home soon.

Thanks for staying with me.

Best regards, Mike.


  1. Cheers Mike......This has brightened our day ! Have a good week end and focus on
    the positives Mike, all the best !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Autumn and Spring are the best time of your for me. great to have the blog back.

  3. Thanks both, great to be back, a little slow to start with but being positive I will soon be back to full strength. Luv, Mike XXX