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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

HMS Victory

Hi folks,

Just a quick trip around this magnificent ship.

to be continued in next blog.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Hi Mr Mechanic,thanks for a great tour around this superb ship.Mrs Egg,

  2. Did you notice how much reproduced items in fibreglass were onboard Mike. All done to reduce the weight so the ship doesnt destroy its self without the water to keep the sides together.


  3. Hi Mike, yes but I did not want to destroy the illusion that the cannons were not real although some of then are. Thanks for the information on the ships weight and keeping the sides together.

  4. Aye aye captain, you did a grand job with this post
    Mike, fabulous always !
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Apparently all ships of the line removed all cannon, anchors, ballast etc when in dry dock to prevent the weight destroying the boat. I wonder how they found out that was needed? You don't really notice the replica parts unless you look hard. The one that caught my eye was the anchor. A magnificent sight and still a serving warship!

  6. Thanks for the comment Mike, there are real cannons still on board as I touched one and read the sign next to it saying that it was an original.
    I must admit that the replicas were well done and ended up tapping the Cannons to find the real ones as you state, not many.
    Still I think they did a grand job with the replicas. I know it states that it is a serving warship but I doubt the plastic cannons would be much good at sea it the ship was ever made to float again.

  7. Thanks for the lovely memories Mike... we saw this beautiful ship while we were on holiday a few years ago now ... fabulous post yet again with stunning pictures! More please !
    E xxx