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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mary Rose

Hi folks,
well the highlight of our holiday was to see the Mary Rose as she is now in the drying out stage and by 2017 she should be preserved for many future generations. She is now full of wax preservative due to many years of spraying and now has to be slowly dried.

A  grand sight but still in the drying stage hence the grey tubes along the decks

To me more interesting was the artifacts that were saved due to airtight areas with possessions locked in mud as she was partly buried in the sea bed on her side.

The ships guns were displayed well next to the ship they came from.

The artifacts are cleverly displayed by using white frosted acrylic to replace parts lost.

The lighting was very low but I am pleased with the outcome after many hours of post processing with the computer using raw files to get this result.

The Mary Rose Dog which was found by the Master Carpenters cabin and was a cross between a Whippet and a Terrier with large jaws and was used on board to catch Rats.

Some of the Surgeons tools use on the ship with the frosted acrylic used on parts that were missing.

Lastly a Spade with it's blade reproduced.

That's all today but a few more to show of this marvelous ship later and I hope this has wetted your appetite to go the visit the ship and it's artifacts in Portsmouth it is well worth the trip.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. I thought the wording in the first picture was very appropriate and wonder how many people actually paused to think about it.

    "When their world ended, our story began ..."

    Rather sad and very true.

  2. Hi Mike, such a treat to the eye this was.....Super post
    Thank you.........
    Found this saying and thought you might like it.......
    Life is like a camera,
    Just focus on whats important and capture the good times,
    Develop from the negatives,
    And if things dont work out,
    Just take another shot !

    Chris and Dave R

  3. This is one of the best, most interesting posts I've read from you Mike... Ken and I saw the Mary Rose years ago but not with all the exhibits laid out like this... fabulous stuff and fabulous pictures.. yes, it was very low light in there so you have done a brilliant job.
    Well done that man !
    E xxx

  4. Fantastic photo's a really interesting blog

  5. Lovely article and good to see them doing so well with the preservation and display. If ever you're in Stockholm, an even better example than our Mary Rose is their Vasa - also sank and preserved in mud. Well worth the trip just for that.

  6. Fabulous Mike. We saw her in the sea of mist from the constant spraying they were giving her. A great deal has been done since that visit obviously. Beautiful pictures Mike.

  7. Thanks for all you lovely comments part two should be up tonight. Best regards Mike.

  8. Last time I saw her was 1998, I remember standing on Southsea common looking out to where she sank exactly 453 years to the hour!!!