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Monday, 16 September 2013

Itchenor part 2

Hi folks,

Well a few more from our boat trip off Itchenor, it was a lovely day and lots of activity going on.

I liked this shot of the surf and hope you agree. 

These next ones don't really need any captions so just enjoy their journey.

Our boat commentator told us these these were called "The Mirror", named after the newspaper "The Daily Mirror" and was designed by Barry Bucknell and Jack Holt in 1962, people of a certain age may remember Barry Bucknell who was a Television Do-It-Yourself expert.  They were originally designed to be easy to sail and strong and robust in construction.

Conditions on the water were just right...........

Two more Mirror and a good example of how to sail, we were glad to be on our bigger boat! 

Perfect weather for a sail.

I don't think this Ferry Boat was designed to go far.

Not everyone was out in their boat.

Thanks for looking.

Update on knee operation, I am home from hospital with leg in a brace, oh well another day over, and one day nearer getting out with the camera.

Best regards, Mike


  1. The summer is back in your post Mike ... such vivid colours of lovely summer days ... yes the spray is fad ... and yes I remember Barry Bucknell! But I woz just a kid ! lol
    E xx see you and Sue on Wednesday... ! xxx

  2. Ah I remember all the great times we had in our little motor boat, when the kids were young ! We Had a static holiday home in Salcombe ( which we bought off Kevin from
    The Bill )You gave us a fleeting glimpse of our lives back then,
    thank you Mike.....The spray shot is simply wonderful !!!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. P.s. Do keep us posted on your recovery Mike, just take each day as it comes ! Have you got to attend physio sessions Mike ?
    Chris R

  4. Hi both, well still getting hic ups from the operation unfortunately and I hope they will soon pass. Wish I was back there at the moment, because of the wound I have to keep my leg straight for a month to allow for the repair then slow movement after with physio after so a long job. XXX

  5. Glad to hear you're back home - it's where the heart is, after all. Healing can be a slow process, but with the right attitude it'll pass quickly enough. Let me know when you feel up for some shenanigans with indoor photography. =o)

  6. Hi Mr and Mrs Mechanic, Looks like you had a great time messing about with boats Yes I remember Barry, didn't know he designed sailing boats. How was the bandage. Mrs Egg.

    1. The bandage worked fine, thank you. Barry Bucknell also designed our Mirror Trailer Tent which we bought second hand in the late 70's.