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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Back to the Summer and some Kites I Missed!

Hi folks,
on the dull and drab Wednesday I thought I would look back and found some kite shots I took just before my knee problem and  due to the event I did not get a chance to post them. So for the Kent Kite Flyers and other interested people here are a few taken at the Hop Farm in Kent August last year.
Also some sunshine and a blue sky to cheer you all up.

Flo-tail Delta, as used by quite a few club members.

Tweety Pie

Dog inflatable on the line kite

Gareth's Rokkaku, hand made brilliant job.


another Flo-tail Delta

Frog inflatable clipped to the line with a lifter kite above and the body inflates with the wind.

Pretty line "Junk"

Thanks for looking, need some sunshine now.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Nice to be reminded of the the kites.Mrs Egg.

  2. Nice to see some kites again. I missed that fly in don't know why probably go a free lunch some where LOL!!

    Look forward to some dry fields and sunshine the the Goode kites in the air again.

    1. Thanks both, really looking forward to the summer.

  3. Yes... we all need sunshine but your blog is the next best thing! ... Super pictures with stunning colours !
    Love it all ... feel very summery now Mike ! xx

  4. Oooooh Mike, so, lovely to see the kites and just for a few seconds to feel the warmth of the sunshine....I so look forward to warm sunny days once more...maybe with good friends and lots of fun ! Hope to see you both sometime in the summer...and thanks Mike for brightening my day !
    Chris and Dave R