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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Quick Wizz around the Castle then into the Cathedral

Hi folks

after the trip around the Bridge into the Castle grounds we went.

The castle in its glory standing out proudly in the sunshine.

Looking out across the mote from the Castle Gardens the Cathedral beckoned us.

Inside the gigantic Organ loft greeted us.

and the magnificent stained glass window above the altar. This shot was bracketed and two images were superimposed over each other to stop the windows over exposing and loosing their colour.

Beside the choir stalls.

Below is a rare painting from the 1200's which depicts the "Wheel of Fortune", a symbolic medieval image underlining the temporary and unfulfilling nature of the pursuit of money, power and status. When you know that it is part of a wheel it all makes sense.

Well there I have given you over the last couple of days just a quick look at Rochester with its Castle, Bridge and Cathedral, with all its activities it is well worth a visit.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Looks like you had a busy day in Rochester, Loved the stain glass windows, the organ loft looks very grand, not sure where that picture is in the Cathedral. Mrs Egg.

  2. Wow Mike.....The angle at which you have taken some of these shots , make it look immense !
    The grand organ, the rare painting and the beautiful stained glass conjure up a faint waft of benediction.....That beautiful smell that I remember when I was a young girl at convent school, when we entered the convent chapel......The memories came flooding back ! A memory of feeling young again......Thanks Mike
    Chrisand Dave R

  3. SUPERB pictures, Mike. The one of the cathedral through the stone wall of the castle... brilliant!
    Enjoyed this post a lot . well done that man!
    Eileen xxx