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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lovely Weather for Ducks

Hi folks,

Well what a week here in the south, rain and yet more rain. Still cant rest on our laurels and off we went to Haysden Country Park near Tonbridge to find a few water creatures.
Is that blue sky I can see? shame it didn't last long, still at least it was dry-ish.

300 mm lens fitted this Thistle on the bank.

Tufted Duck all on it's own.

Only one of these Brent Geese, seemed very strange the lack of birds on the lake.

A shot of the same Goose in better light, I later found out the were all in a field across the lake feeding off the ground.

We didn't stay long as it started to rain and I was a bit fed up after putting a pound in the parking machine for four hours and had to leave in less the one. In the car park I spied this lone Robin on a sign and it was as if he was saying goodbye.

Thanks for looking, It is still raining outside but I still have a few couple of blogs up my sleeve.

Best regards, Mike


  1. LOVE the Robin shot .. Shame about the rain .. Good for crafters tho ! Nice to see your posts again Mike ... Missed them when your knee was bad .... Can you ask for a refund on the parking ?

  2. Nice to see some BLUE SKY. All that water, just right for the duck and geese. great shot of the Robin. Mrs Egg.

  3. Dear little Robin........So much rain but no snow...which would you rather have Mike ?
    I just stay indoors and stitch and cook in this weather...I can feel a diet coming on in the spring !
    Keep warm, hugs
    Chris and Dave R

  4. @ Eileen, no one about. XX

    @ Chris, rain rather than snow, I feel a diet coming on too. XX

  5. Nice Pictures Mr Goodes. I feel snow would have been better than all this rain.Its been nice today, but worse to come. Can be thankful for no flooding. The river Taff at normal level and were 1100 ft ASL, so were safer than most. Those poor souls will never sell a home near rivers or sea fronts now unless the weather pattern changes or billions spent on new defenses. I am afraid property market will be dead in a flood area. I am looking at the repercussion of this Freak weather pattern.
    driving down to Kent soon with a Van collecting furniture from Ashford and Sittingbourne. booked up a Hotel room in advance.