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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Trip to the Medway

Hi folks,

well today started out dry and sunny but the rain soon came out of hiding, undeterred we set off to the Chatham Dockside for a bit of lunch in this revamped pub whilst waiting for the weather to cheer up or at least stop raining.

The rain stopped and although it was a bit dull we bravely went on a walk about, firstly capturing this mooring buoy which is very old, note the date.

This is one for Ken as he is in to depth of field at the moment.  Would be good for a caption contest!

Then I spied this Cormorant, (there were two actually) but a long way out.

Back at the Pub as the wind was bitter....... I never intended that to be a pun but Sue said I was being clever with a picture of an old beer cask, I am cleverer than I thought!

......there were a couple of beer barrels from bygone times on their carts.

Then on to St Mary's Island to have a look at the river and its Majestic Power Station behind the old  disused Light Ships.

we ventured on from here and braved the wind.

More tomorrow best regards, Mike


  1. What people miss when they visit Dockside, great photos Mrs Egg.

  2. Mike I hate you!! Your Cormorant is a bird I've wanted to see for ages and never been able too. I dont think its a cormorant but a Shag!!!

  3. Lovely post Mike love the cormorant/shag........On close inspection.....I cannot detect the crest on the 'Shag', so could possibly be a Cormorant ! Very hard to tell from this photo and the two are from the same species anyway !! Hope you had a lovely day........
    Chris and Dave R

  4. I think it's a Cormorant, Mike, like Chris.. but I'm no expert! Super picture of the Gull! What a beauty.
    It was lovely to see you and Sue xxxx
    E xx

  5. The crest on a shag is not always prominent and the Cormorant does not normally have that round tuft on the top of its head compare also at Chatham.