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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Medway Queen

Hi folks,

After a dull start to the day it brightened up so we thought of going to have a look at the Medway Queen now she is back after having a great deal of renovation work in Bristol.  She returned to Gillingham in November last year but I wasn't able to go and see because it was too soon after my knee operation, I am now able to walk steadily as long as the ground is firm so mud is definitely out. 

The paint work is looking good.

Here you can see the paddle in place, it was low tide so we found her sitting on the mud but we know when high tide is so I intend to take some more of her floating on the river.

The deck looks so inviting and their plan is to have guided tours once the gangway is built and in place.  Then run her as a going concern as a pleasure craft which she was from 1924 when she was first built.

New ropes I presume made in the Chatham Dockyard Ropery which still operates.

This is a "work in progress" of the cabin which is currently being made by the carpenters.

In the Visitors Centre was this photograph of the ship when abandoned in the Medway, the Volunteer gave me permission to photograph it for my blog.  A very poor state she was in and alot of people gave their time and energies to refloat her and raise money to get to where they are today.  They have received alot of funding and more money is being raised so that one day she can continue to give people pleasure.

I hope you have been interested in this short visit, it will be good to see her back in action where she started her life and as one of Dunkirk's Little Ships she must be dear to a lot of peoples hearts and help save lots of lives.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Ahhhhh Mike, how lovely to restore her to her former glory !
    I'd love a pleasure cruise aboard her...maybe one day, hey.....Its great to see this stuff, you give us so much info and variety.....Thank you Mike !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. So glad she is back, hope that people will continue to give genersously, and she will be cruising up and down the River Medway soon. she looks great. Pity about the weather. great photos. Mrs Egg.

  3. Great pictures of this beautiful paddle steamer. I' m so pleased she is getting such wonderful attention from, by the look of the work, some really skilled people who are taking such good care ... Lovely post ... Thanks Mike xxx