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Monday, 27 January 2014

Riverside with Rust!

Hi folks,

over the weekend we visited Riverside Country Park in Gillingham after seeing the Medway Queen. With the amount of wet weather we have had recently I thought I would have a rust theme and made a bee line for the rusting hulk of a tug on the Medway.
This shot across the river at the famous power station which is closing and will eventually be demolished.

Here she is in all her glory and with the ballast on board she didn't even move on the very high tide and winds that we have just witnessed.

I was draw to the stern of the vessel with its propeller now lost and its rivets rusting away.

In the sunshine I was intrigued with the hole which at every tide fills with water and as the tide recedes drips rust out of the hole creating a nice pattern on the side of the vessel in different colours.

Lastly lines of rivets gently rusting away the plates through the years.

Thanks for looking, I actually managed to cross some rocks to get the close up of the hole.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Stands out well Mike, well done

  2. Amazing what water does, the colours are beautiful.pity it's just rust.Mrs Egg.

  3. Such a grand old vessel...I wonder how many places she visited and what she looked like in her
    hayday...I bet her history is quite remarkable.......And then she sits alone and sad really, if only she could talk ! Love this post Mike...thank you !

    P.S.You'll be in trouble showing a 'Power station '....from you know who ! ! !

    Chris and Dave R

  4. I forgive you the PS shot as its going ! Must say the rust colours on your pictures are just fabulous .... So rich and varied.. Love this post Mike ... More to see each time you revisit each picture to look again .
    E xxxx