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Friday, 10 January 2014

Rochester Bridge and 100 Years?

Hi folks,

well back at last, sorry for my absence due mainly to the wet weather and slippery conditions underfoot so I have to be careful.

Stayed locally in Rochester today and keeping to the flat decided to take a few of the old Rochester bridge which will be a 100 years old in May this year after reconstruction, waiting to see what the Council and the Bridge Wardens have planned. This is a view from the Rochester side looking towards Strood.

As this is a nearly 100 year old iron bridge you can see the many rivets used in its construction whilst walking along the footpath.

One of the many ornate arches which adorns the bridge, note the lions and the one on the left hand side................

............another view of the arch from the road side shows that the heads have been removed due to traffic on the bridge coming into contact with them. A couple are now housed in the Bridge Wardens House next to the bridge.

Another ornate column in the centre of the bridge showing Lions with shields at the top.

and rams at the base.

Through the footpath railings looking up the river towards the "new" Medway Motorway Bridge. 

Finally a last look at the bridge from the Castle gardens.

Glad the weather held and thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Great shots Mike and the weather looked positively 'Summerish ' ! You would never think these were taken in January.......Roll on the spring , cant wait ! Nice to have you back,
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Hope you didn't put yourself in danger taking those terrific shot, some of them look quiet scary, the bridge looks like it's had a clean up.unless it's all the rain we had.Glad to see you back blogging.
    Mrs Egg.

  3. @Chris,glad to be back now that the weather has broken for a bit, was scared to go out in the wet in case I slipped. XXX

    @ Mrs Egg, I can assure you that both feet were on the ground all the time. Glad to be back and will blog as long as the wet and snow keep away. XXX

  4. Cor ... great pictures and I'm please the weather is kind. I can understand why you are a bit wary of slipping! .. Thanks for the info on this post Mike... I didn't know the bridge site was that old!
    Eileen xxx