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Saturday, 8 March 2014


Hi folks,

day two and in the city before we trundle off back to Faversham tomorrow and my has it been a fantastic day weather wise.

First off looking towards the Cathedral down one of it's narrow streets.

One of the many strange items fixed to the walls

The precinct leading to the Cathedral with its magnificent arch.

Tiles adorning the Chocolate Cafe there are loads of drinking and eating houses in the city.

With a close up, that tea pot has holes in it!.

Various types of buildings line the streets the old intertwined with the new.

with new and old signs hanging from the walls

This Monk beckons you inside but I don't think he is going anywhere fast.

Door handle much the worst for wear.

Thanks for looking, lots more but that's for another time.

Luv, Mike


  1. great shots of my home town Mike first three shots are Butchery Lane hence the Bulls Head. And the main Precincts entrance is called Christchurch Gate

  2. Thanks for the info, see you tomorrow.

  3. Hi Mr semi retired Mechanic, glad you are having a lovely time in Canterbury, the weather has been very kind to you . love the photos of the different pubs and the rusty old door latch, Are you kite flight ing tomorrow. Mrs Egg.

  4. Love Canterbury and you have captured the flavour of it well here. great shots of another super sunny day!
    E xx

  5. Love the doorknocker and the 'self draining' novel ! So lucky with the weather Mike and Sue ! Hope you have a super Sunday, cant wait for the next post !
    Chris and Dave R