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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Last look at the Church in Appledore

Hi folks,
returning to the church for a last look around before our return home last Sunday.

South Altar with it's simplistic design.

An attractive niche in the wall.

Part of the Appledore Tapestry which was worked to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the first incumbent, it was designed by Mrs Monica Woodhouse and made up by her and Mrs Liz Marsham and Mrs Joanna Edwards parishioners at the time.    

The tapestry is approximately 20 foot long and illustrates the history of Appledore. It starts off when the Danes invaded in 892 to 1988 when it was completed.

Kneeling cushions commemorating Charles and Diana's Wedding.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's wedding.

and finally Prince Harry's birth

North Chapel

Acorn on the cover of the font representing birth

Painting of the Royal Arms of George III on the west wall.

Outside in the sunshine, over 8,000 burials in the churchyard.

Lastly another look at the clock tower which I have been informed a friends father now deceased, wound the clock.

Thanks for coming with me on the journey to Appledore.

Luv, Mike


  1. A wonderful post Mike........The tapestry is fabulous, being made with a technique called
    'Stumpwork' ! The figures are actually 3D and are very intensive to much detail,
    a joy to see Mike ! So Mike is prince Harry officially 'Prince Henry ' then ? The name Harry
    being derived from the name Henry ???
    Have a great week end Mike and Sue and many thanks for a super blog....
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Yes Chris, you are right he is actually Henry but from birth it was sort of decreed that he would be called Harry.

  2. fabulous blog, it makes my day looking at all the lovely places you visit, and the comments you use to describe your day. Mrs Egg.

  3. Ooooo.. this blog is a right little stunner... all that work in the tapestry! .. So beautiful. So colourful and another interesting post Mike ... Thank you .
    E xxxx