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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Street Entertainers

Hi folks,
continuing on with our Covent Garden theme, here is a couple of performers to show it was worth the trip even before we went into the transport museum.

The first one was dressed rather strangely with pink underpants which gave us all a giggle he was standing on a trestle with a chain saw knife and ball.

He started the chain saw, (don't do this at home) and juggled with them, causing various noises from the audience below.

Undercover was this chap more aptly dressed juggling with balls.

Quite high up they went too.

Next out came the Diablos, two of them even, later in the act he had three.

Then came the unicycle, and a unique way of getting on board via the pillar making a great play and pretending he was falling off.

Once on he had to catch the clubs and nearly came a cropper. 

Up they were thrown one by one by a small boy in the audience.

After his act the performer gave the little lad a five pound note for helping.

Great fun was had by all and even the little boy left smiling.

Thanks for stopping by.

Luv Mike


  1. Great pics and fabulous entertainment for all.......You are so lucky to have so much going on
    in your area.......We dont get much action here in warwickshire ! Think I'll have to learn to juggle
    or go out in pink undies to see any action around here !
    Cheers Mike,
    chris and Dave R

  2. hi mike and sue looks like you had some nice days out fab photos cheers mike tony an glo xx

  3. Hi,
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