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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Canterbury, the Last Look

hi folks,

well getting to the end of our visit to Canterbury and was looking to go into the Cathedral but time and money stopped us from going in, shame really. Anyway that's for another time so we continued to the  West Gate Tower, got this with no vehicles that was a result, just a lone bike.

Through the Tower and along North Lane.

In St Peters Street this pub sign caught my eye, note the date.

Painted sign on corner of Bakery, loved the way he went around the corner.

Sollys Orchard by the River Stour, a pretty grassed are with seats trees arches and a host to Golden Daffodils.

In the High Street looking down the River Stour as it goes under the road.

Sand sculpture on a rug in the High Street.

Finally a Lamb on our way to the bus station in St Georges Lane..

Thanks for coming on out trip around Canterbury.

Luv Mike


  1. Hi Mr Mechanic, Thanks for another walk around Canterbury. some interesting photos. The sand sculptures look great. Mrs Egg.

  2. And a great trip it was too Mike ! Love the sand sculpture
    and the beautiful ! Have a good day you two,
    Chris and Dave R
    P.S. I messed up on the first comment so had to delete it !!!

  3. Thanks you two, don't worry about the messed up comment Chris I will delete it my end. XX

  4. So enjoy posts like this... interesting facts and super pictures.... carry on Mike, I'm looking forward to your summer trips! .. LOVE the baker 'around the corner'!
    E xxxx