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Friday, 7 March 2014

Spring is finally here.

Hi folks,

just a short one from Canterbury, lovely camp site on the outskirts which on a gorgeous Friday evening is full up, glad I booked on Thursday.

Great position on hard standing as the grass is still very wet.

The old bus still looks good in the sunshine. Loads of Rabbits running around.

Lastly a Golden Daffodil.

Looks like a good weekend weather wise, lets hope they are right.
Thanks for dropping by.

Luv, Mike


  1. Well, Mike and Sue.......Winnie is in her prime, the spring Bunny has arrived
    and just waiting for a host of golden daffodils......Sheer pleasure, have a great time ! ! !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. What a great sky in that first shot!!

  3. hi mike its a lovely site have been to it a few times atb tony an glo

  4. Love this post Mike... makes me feel good. The sky is gorgeous, the sun is shining and the rabbit looks happy ! Yes.. what a good weekend you must be having. Good times ahead now ! rock 'n roll
    E xxx