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Monday, 10 March 2014

Canterbury, Old and the New.

Hi folks,
continuing on our walk around the city.....

First off the New Marlowe Theatre, not too sure about it's design but it might grow on you.
It reopened in October 2011 after redevelopment.

Statue outside is of 19th century "Muse"  with small effigies of  characters from his plays, Christopher Marlowe was a famous playwright.

The Bulkhead Mask was returned to the river position after redevelopment.  It had been bought by the council after an exhibition when this particular sculpture proved very popular.

Close up of the Marlowe Mask which was welded together with small plates.

Weird carving on the front of the next wobbly house.

The house is called Sir John Boys House (he was an MP who died in 1612).  Internal work caused it to slip and work to correct it made it slip even more. It now has a steel inner frame holding it up and is regularly used by the King's School. 

Continuing on our walk around the city this shop caught my eye.

A few more of interest to follow.

Luv, Mike


  1. Hi Mike more nice photos.
    'The Mews' is know by locals as Kitty Marlowe {don't ask me why} it was originally in the Dane John Gardens but was moved after the former cinema in the Friars was converted to become the 'New' Marlowe Theater {now demolished and replaced by the modern building, the 'Fly Tower' on which is supposed to appear to be bowing down in homage to of the Cathedral} . The miniatures in the base are actual modern resin copies, the original Brass statuettes having been stolen from the plinth when it was in the Dane John. I believe a local artist created then as close as possible to the originals from photos taken before the theft.
    Isn't the mask great and looks even better in its new location than it did on the steps of the old theater.

    1. Thanks Stephen for the extra information, very interesting.

  2. Hi Mr Mechanic, thanks for a lovely walk around Canterbury, don't like the new Marlow theatre, it's too modern for the city.Brilliant how the mask was made,, Was it too early for the punts on the river.I liked the name of the shop selling lights. Mrs Egg.

  3. Fascinating accounts.........Love the Marlow mask, I take it that the mask was modelled on Christopher Marlow and Love the wobbly house,very quirky ! Are you home now ? Cause if you are its a shame as the weather is so lovely at the moment, Thanks Mike and Sue for a great blog !
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Great photo's a usual Mike. There is more to be found about Kitty Marlowe here

  5. I'm been down to the Marlow a few time and enjoyed all the productions I saw, except one...! A lady in a seat a few yards away from us, was wearing such strong perfume that we all developed headaches and were whispering to each other ( group of friends) about what she was trying to mask! ... That leads me into the Mask! .. fab picture! lol E xxx