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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Brecon Cathedral # 2

Hi again folks a few more from this fantastic place of worship.

This painting is entitled "Peace" which you can see in the left hand arch above is very apt because if these creatures had actually met there would have been nothing like peace but for the olive branch.

Now a couple of candle shots, for some reason the sight of flickering candles attracts me, I hope they do to you too!

More candles but different as this is "The Cresset Stone" which was part of the Priory's' lighting system and the only Stone known to still exist in Wales. The monks began their day at 2am so several Cresset Stones would have had their cups filled with oil or wax candles, there must have been many dark corners and steps on the way to their Services.

The way these high roofs were constructed just amazes me, how did they manage it?

A view of the Harvard Chapel which is the Regimental Memorial Chapel of formerly the "24th Regiment of Foot" which became the "South Wales Borderers" in 1881 and contains many Colours (flags) and plaques.

I hope you have enjoyed of last of our visit to Wales. Luv Mike


  1. Hi Mr Part time Mechanic. Great photos. loved the painting, it doesn't look too peaceful, with thoses wild animals. liked the unusual candle holder. and the windows. Mrs Egg.

  2. Another super, interesting post Mike... I love the candle shots and the stone.. what time did the Monks go to bed.. getting up at 2am is a bit excessive! lol
    E xx

  3. Hi Mike,Got here in the end ......A lovely post, there is something about those candles, a 'guiding light '
    The ceiling rafters make the mind boggle how they achieved a feat like this !
    Looking forward to Tuesday....
    Chris and Dave R