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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Kings Cross

Hi folks,

across the road into another station, a bit more high tech than the last although it had a history as you can see in the plaque..

Much more modern, light and airy.

With its fantastic purple roof which is made up of individual coloured lights which show up in the camera but not the naked eye.

In a shop window, I think this chap had waited too long for his train.

Kings Cross if famous for Harry Potter and my two companions got it on the act.

Part of the set used in the film which appealed to the younger generation.

This made us laugh, it is a hologram at the bottom of the escalator advising you to keep hold of you luggage and mind the step as you boarded. I really thought that this shot would not come out.

Lastly a view of the passengers at a slow shutter speed and held perfectly still giving the illusion of speed of some of the passengers.

Thanks for looking, luv Mike.


  1. Oh wow ... this was very interesting to see and read.. love the Harry Potter bit! Bet the shop does well! Cheers Mike... lovely shot of 'the girls' !
    E xxx

  2. Love the purple haze and fantastic shot of the hologram !
    Your accomplices look a bit shifty though ? Bless em LOL
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Thank you Chris from Accomplice No. Uno