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Monday, 23 June 2014

Upton House and Gardens

Hi folks,

Today on our way northwards we visited Upton House which is being cared for by he National Trust who are the gardens to their 1930's style.  A little background of the house, it was bought in the 1930's by the 2nd Viscount Bearsted whose family made their money from oil.  Those who are familiar with my local area, it is the same Bearsted which is on the outskirts of Maidstone in Kent.

The lower terrace of the land is where the Mirror Pond is with a bog area to one side, it gives wonderful reflections. 

This time of year there is an abundance of Lupins and Delphiniums which give such colour.

All round the various levels of the garden the sunshine was working magic on the colours so I wanted to share some with you.

There were so many things to photograph that I have had to leave out the white Water Lilies, the borders, more reflections and the fruit and vegetable sections.

Thanks for coming on our visit, watch this space for more travels.  Luv Mike


  1. Stunning , stunning , stunning pictures Mike ! I can say no more!
    E xx

  2. Well I love this post Mike, that reflection shot is stunning....should be framed !
    Looks a beautiful place........gorgeous flowers, love the 'red hot poker '.......
    see you later !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Hi Mr Holiday man. Beautiful and so colourful flowers. The house looks very grand, were you able to look around. Mrs Egg.