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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Smashing Sunday!

Hi folks,
we woke up Sunday morning the last day of our stay to another glorious day with a little dew on the ground. all asleep and only the snoring from the caravans.

Our Friend Rob was up feeding the dogs before breakfast.

This is Luke, he is very old and grey but a lovely dog.

Annie the Small English Springer Spaniel.

Across on the next field the horses were back after their morning ride

Time for a walk and to find the ponds on the adjacent field with its fantastic waterlilies.

Damselfly doing what comes naturally, similar to the Dragonfly but the wings are parallel to the body.

Waiting to hear what this one is. Think it's a Dragonfly but the tail and the wing markings do not look right.

Saying goodbye to the Wallabies shading from the sunlight.

And the various planes and helicopters that kept us entertained over the weekend.

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoyed our weekend as much as we did. We stayed on the site till gone 5 pm as it was such a nice day in fact we were the last to leave Luv, Mike


  1. Hi Mike your dragonfly which it defiantly is could be a Broad-bodied Chaser

  2. Thanks I knew I could rely on you.

  3. Fabby post Mike. Super pictures.It all looks calm, relaxed and just where I should like to be... So pleased the weather was good for you .. where you off to next?

    1. You seem to busy to relax Eileen but the name of the game is enjoy. XXX

  4. Lovely post Mike with some awesomeness thrown in ! Love the doggies, the drogonflies, the lillies !
    Fab photography Mike......You spoil us !
    Chris and Dave R

  5. Hi Chris, Sue will be contacting you shortly about when we "pop in". Thanks all for your lovely comments.

  6. Hi Michael,

    I'm hoping you will allow our day tours firm to use one of your images on a new web site we are building here: Could you contact us (Discover Dorset Tours Ltd) at Sorry for the unorthodox way of reaching you but I couldn't find an address!


    Mat Haas

  7. Looks a fantastic weekend. Dogs are beautiful. Lovely fotos as usual. xx