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Monday, 16 June 2014

Brecon Cathedral, Wales

Hi folks,
This blog I didn't want to do whilst I was away due to the very poor lighting conditions and needed to spend some time on the images at home, I hope you think it was worth the time.

First off was the outside which looked strange for a Cathedral

In fact until 1923 is had been the Parish Church of the community until the newly founded Diocese of Swansea and Brecon. Now for a bit of fun before we go inside, note the dog burying its bone in the bottom right hand of the picture by the bush.

There he is...........

From the Nave looking towards the High Altar.

Cross made from driftwood and cast in bronze and weighs 90 kg. to signify where the rood screen once stood.

Behind the Pulpit is a medieval painting of a bird.

More to follow, thanks for looking. Luv Mike


  1. Yes... smashing pictures Mike.. worth every minute. Fantastic place. Love the dog! lol ... I always get shivers running up and down my spine when I see medieval paintings in churches and cathedrals... not sure why just so much History.. Cheers Mike x.

  2. Hi Mr Part time Mechanic. Great photos. The high altar is beautiful. the windows are wonderful. Mrs Egg.

  3. The painting is wonderful...I wonder who painted it ? A beautiful church, you did a great job Mike !
    Will see you a week today.......Would one require a light lunch...Sorry would two !
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Two light lunches would be wonderful but it depends on the silly old M25. X