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Monday, 9 June 2014

Strange Saturday

Hi folks,
well what a strange day, the forecast was for torrential rain in the morning but as we got up the sky divers were already making their decent onto the airfield next door. The sky was cloudy and a friend in Wales sent me a message that at 5.30 am they were woken with thunder and really heavy rain so it didn't look good for us down south.

At 10.30 am was raining and we had morning coffee under a tree but by 11 am the rain stopped and we were left with a sky like this.  The clouds did a dance in the sky all day and gave us some wonderful formations

After lunch it was time to see the Wallabies with their Joeys in their pouches, can you see two?.

They all jumped around in a field of buttercups.

Carrying on with our wacky day not only the sun shone in a bright blue sky the moon was out as well.

As we relaxed in the afternoon sun the clouds continued to keep us entertained.

As the evening drew on they kept on coming,

Lastly as the day ended the moon shone down on us lighting up the ground at the end of a very strange day weather wise.

Thanks for looking, we will see what Sunday brings in the next blog. Luv Mike.


  1. Awesome moon and cloud pics. I need to spend more time gazing at both.

  2. I agree with Heather....amazing shots Mike.....Love the kangaroos and buttercups..bless em !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Funny looking Kangaroos, them wallabies......haha !
    Chris R