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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Stations of the Crosses and Saints.

Hi folks,

Monday we took a trip to London to photograph a couple of stations.
The group consisted of Sue, Margaret and myself and although the weather was a bit dull we made the best of it and came away with a few shots to give our readers a taste of St Pancras and Kings Cross stations. Both stations are very close together

The main facard of St. Pancras station is very grand and incorporating hotels as well.

At the far end of the "old" part of the station is the original canopy with its wonderful steel work preserved for generations to come. The station has also been renovated so the the new and the old go side by side in harmony.

Along the sides are restaurants adding to its splendor.

The original architecture has been preserved......

......with a new Champagne bar added in the centre.

Proudly at platform level stands the Poet Laureate, Sir John Betjemans statue looking across the station carrying his trusty bag. He was a founder member of the Victorian Society, a passionate defender of Victorian Architecture and was instrumental in saving St Pancras Station.

One of the slate roundels depicting  Betjemans famous writings. 

This is the first of our trip, more to follow.

Luv Mike.

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  1. I just love your guided tours Mike ! The grand facade is very 'English' with its ornate spiers......
    Now the champagne bar looks,that looks very inviting.
    Chris and Dave R