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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

T'was a quiet evening by the lock.

Hi again folks,
Back at Sunbury lock and the pre-National with the MCC on a quiet evening just before 6pm and the lock keeper was just about to clock off.

We heard a noise and a lot of commotion from the lock and ran out of the campsite gate so see what was afoot.

Coming up the river was this convoy towing the Neo up stream for a refit. One boat at the bow with two ropes connected to the Neo and another behind for stopping and steering the rear end.

Gingerly it entered the lock with the crew pushing it off the walls as it went.

Safely in the lock she was tied up all safe and sound.

The lock keeper then appeared not very happy as he did not know whether authorization was given to enter the lock. After a long chat the Neo was allowed to proceed and I wondered what all the fuss was about.

Out of the lock she was towed so she could continue her journey up river.

She looked quite a strange conversion with a newly built sundeck on the top. Still wondering what all the fuss was about I asked the lock keeper who was concerned about the height of the superstructure and the footbridge ahead. If the vessel got stuck the lock keeper would have to notify the rest of the locks to drain part of the canal .

Fearing the worst and the chance of a good photo I ran ahead to the footbridge in anticipation.

Looking at the top rail on the top deck I was not sure that it would clear the bridge.

As luck would have it through she went with about six inches to spare.

Through the other side and it was very close and saved the lock keeper a lot of paperwork.

And off she went to complete her refit, maybe someone will see her again on the Thanes soon.
Thanks for looking all the best, Mike


  1. Great blog Michael, interesting about the worried lock keeper. The sunroof looks funny stuck on top. like the sun lounger on the deck. Mrs Egg.

  2. Glad you liked it. Will we see you at Farnham?

  3. Flippin heck! .. I woz running along with you !! Super story and great outcome! Good pictures again Mike xxx