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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Arrival at the Meadow and going out with a Punch

Hi folks,
last in the batch of the Carnival in Farnham and thanks for tagging along.

Local boxing team putting on a show.

Being carried the last leg.

Getting all in a twirl.

Fantastic decoration on this float.

Marines bringing up the rear.

Meanwhile at Gostrey Meadow the sideshows waiting to entertain the public.

With a play area for the children.

Refreshments and a sit down.

Lastly followed up by music from the stage.

That's it! hope you enjoyed the carnival as much as we did, thanks for looking. Hope to be back with the Surrey Motor Caravaners Club again next year.  Mike


  1. Enjoyed my trip with you to the carnival Mike!!! Looked like a very happy day... great shots from you as always Mike.
    E xx